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Engraving Ideas For Your New Wooden Watch

Engraving Ideas For Your New Wooden Watch

What to get someone who has it all? That’s one of the most problematic questions when it comes to buying gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other special occasions.

Generic presents are being churned out by all the giant High Street retailers all year round, flooding us with many possibilities… Most of them thoughtless and without any meaning. So how to find that unique gift idea and make a particular day extraordinary? Add a personalised engraving!

Personalised Engraving

Here, at Woodtree Watches we are all about uniqueness and putting your stamp on the perfect timepiece. Not only are our watches one of a kind because of the natural materials we use to make them, but you can turn them into an extra special gift with a personalised engraving on the back!

Adding a meaningful message to a wooden watch will make it a fantastic everyday wear item, but also a life-long keepsake you or the recipient can treasure forever.

Engraving Ideas

Personalised engraving is the perfect touch, that makes a lovely present, a truly unique one! Whether it’s for someone else or just for you, why not come up with something meaningful, silly or funny to have on the back of your watch. It will be like a little secret no one else will know about, whenever you are wearing your wooden watch.

To get any watch engraved, pick your favourite design and fill out the engraving section located on each product page.

You can fill any line you want with anything you want! There’s a limit of 5 lines of text and each line has a certain character count – you will be able to tell how many characters you have left when you start typing the engraving message in.

You don’t have to fill all five lines with text, you can choose a short message like “I love you” or add a longer one like “Happy 50th birthday Dad, love from your Children and Wife xx”.

Adding numbers like a special date or simple icons like a heart is also possible, just follow the instructions shown next to the engraving box. As long as you stick to the character limit, the engraving message can be truly your own!

The Engraving Process

Once we recieve your order, the engraving message is double checked by one of our Personalisation Team just to make sure everything is correct.

We know typos can happen to the best of us, so if there’s ever any doubts, a colleague will email you to confirm the message.

When everything is approved, the Design Team gets to work! They always try to make the engraving look as neat as possible, centred and without any mistakes. After that is the engraving time! The magic happens here under a watchful eye of our senior designers, who make sure the finished result is a perfect visualisation of your love and care!

So whether you pick something short and sweet or add a favourite movie quote, the personalised engraving will make the chosen watch a truly thoughtful and heartwarming gift… So what are you waiting for?

What Are Woodtree Watches Wood Points?

What Are Woodtree Watches Wood Points

Here at Woodtree Watches Headquarters we love to give back to our customers! Without you and your continuous support, we wouldn’t be here, so it’s only right that we reward you the best way possible – with exclusive discounts!

That’s where Woodtree Points come in. Woodtree Points is more than a loyalty program, it’s our way of saying THANK YOU for your custom and belief in what we do.

To start collecting Woodtree Points all you need to do is to create an account with us and you are all set! We will even give you a massive 500 points to get you started on your way to a big fat discount! Once you sign up, the points will be automatically applied to your account and you can spend them straight away – or keep collecting them for a bigger discount in the future.

Every time you purchase something on you will be able to collect more and more points, which you can then spend as a money off of your next order.

Whether you exchange your Woodtree Points for a discount right away or keep them until you can pay for a whole order with them, it’s a great way to treat yourself or someone special to an unusual wooden watch from our extensive collection and get a bargain at the same time!

How Does It Work?

For every £1 you spend at Woodtree Watches (excluding shipping costs) you will earn 1 Woodtree Point. Every point is worth £0.10p, so if you spend £100.00 you will accumulate 100 Wood Points, which are worth £10.00 in monetary value. Sounds good? The more you spend, the more you earn!

And if you want to keep track of your Woodtree Points and how many of them you’ve spent in the past, you can simply login into Your Account and find a tab titled “Woodtree Points”.

In this section you will be able to check your points balance and calculate how much money your points are currently worth.

Spending your Woodtree Points is also super simple! Whenever you are about to place a new order on remember to log in to your account at the checkout page. This way our system will automatically locate your points and ask you whether you would like to apply them to your purchase.

If you decide to use your points, they will be deducted from your account right away. If you decide to keep collecting, they will stay in place.

But remember! Woodtree Points are only valid for 1 year (365 days) from the date of you collecting them – any points earned but unused within this time frame will be removed from your account, so don’t hang around for too long to use them!

If you have any questions about Woodtree Points and how to use them, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help and would love for you to be a part of our exclusive Woodtree Points Membership!

Materials Wood Watches Are Made From

Materials Wood Watches Are Made From

Wooden watches are made from many different types of wood, including natural materials like ebony, sandalwood, redwood, zebrawood, maple and teak, but by far the most popular material used in natural watch manufacturing is bamboo. Whichever you choose, your wooden watch will be full of natural beauty and truly one of a kind.

Bamboo Wooden Watches

Bamboo is a highly favourited choice of material, when it comes to wooden watch making and there’s a couple of different reasons why.

1. Even though bamboo isn’t actually a tree, but a species of evergreen grass, it produces one of the most eco-friendly types of wood and it doesn’t require many resources to turn it into a workable material.

2. The pure abundance of bamboo is another factor, when it comes to its usefulness in watch making. Bamboo grows fast and has very little negative impact on the environment, so watch manufacturers can source it and replenish it easily without creating much pollution. A bamboo root reaches maturity at just 4 years old and can produce a generous amount of fiber, which is then transformed into “wood” blocks.

3. Bamboo produces light in appearance wood, which is suitable for both men’s and women’s watches and has a smooth texture, allowing it to be easy to work with.

4. There are over 1000 species of bamboo, each with different properties, looks and usefulness. This means that two bamboo watches can be completely different in colour or grain pattern, giving them that one of a kind feeling.

Other Materials Used In Watch Making

Ebony Wood Watches

Ebony is a tree producing a dark, sometimes nearly black looking type of wood and originates mainly from India and Sri Lanka.

Often used in musical instrument making, it’s a popular type of wood to achieve a highly polished, high end look.

Wooden watches made from ebony are usually very dark in colour with minimal, sometimes interlocking grain patterns. Popular especially in production of men’s watches due to its black appearance, it’s one of the most dense types of wood available on the market, making it the perfect material for making wooden watches with great durability and long lasting good looks.

Sandalwood Wooden Watches

Sandalwood is another type of a darker in colour wood, that is often used in natural watch making. Thanks to its unique grain patterns featuring straight lines with occasional waves, sandalwood is considered a very desirable material.

The most common source of sandalwood is the Indian sandalwood tree, which grows mainly in India and parts of Asia. As one of the slower growing trees, it’s quite rare and therefore tends to be more expensive.

Used as a material in making luxury wooden watches, its colour can range from really dark hues, through deep reds to yellow tones.

Maple Wood Watches

Maple wood is light in appearance and very durable, making it a highly praised material used especially in everyday wooden watches. Due to its hard-wearing nature, maple wood is the perfect wood for harsh conditions and can withstand more than most woods.

Fairly easy to work with and readily available all over the world, the maple wood used in handmade wooden watches comes from the outer part of the maple tree trunk, known as sapwood. Thanks to its fine, straight grain and light colour, this type of wood is suitable for both men’s and women’s wrist watches.

Zebrawood Wooden Watches

Zebrawood features the most unique grain patterns, just like stripes on a real life zebra! Thanks to the pronounced growth rings, this type of wood combines elements of both light and dark sections, creating different textures and truly one of a kind look!

Considered as a luxury hardwood, due to its limited availability and depleting numbers, Zebrawood is native to West Africa produces interlocking and often wavy grain, which is stunning to look at! The bold cream and brown striping gives any watch crafted from it a striking appearance and luxury feel.

Decisions Decisions!

So here you have a few of the most popular wood types used in the watch making industry. While none of them can be classified as “best” or “worst”, some of them are certainly easier to source and some of them tend to be more difficult to work with.

Whichever type of wood you choose though is simply down to your own taste. As with all fashion accessories, there’s no rules in picking the perfect wooden watch to suit your needs.

One thing is certain – with the abundance of designs and different wood types, you won’t be disappointed. The sheer beauty and unique features of this natural material will have you hooked instantly!

Are Wooden Watches Comfortable To Wear?

Are Wooden Watches Comfortable0ato Wear

Wearing a wooden watch on your wrist might seem like a strange idea at first, but there’s a huge advantage to wooden watches you probably don’t even realize exists: they are extremely comfortable!

Many people don’t wear standard watches at all because of one of two reasons: they can feel cold against your skin and be quite heavy, making your wrist constantly weighted down.

That’s not the case with wooden watches at all!

Unlike standard metal or plastic watches, a timpiece made out of wood is warm to the touch and lightweight, giving you a comfortable feel and fit for everyday wear.

Wooden Watches Are Lightweight

One of the biggest issues, when wearing a standard watch for longer periods of time is that your wrist can feel quite constricted and heavy to due the excessive weight of metal body and other components of standard watches.

While the actual watch movement is made out of metal, a fully wooden watch boasts a natural body, crafted exclusively from real wood.

Natural materials used in making of wooden watches are porous and therefore allow the watch to be super light and durable at the same time, giving your wrist a comfortable timepiece without the exces weight.

A lot of enthusiasts of wooden watches say, that they don’t even notice the watch on their wrist during the day. Because of its lightweight build and great fit, wooden watches have a very low impact on your wrist and won’t make it ache at the end of the day!

Wood Is Warm

Unlike their ordinary metal cousins, wooden watches are very pleasant to the touch and have a much nicer feel against your skin, even if you wear them all day.

Real wood is a “warm” material, meaning it has that special glow of something, that came from the nature and it doesn’t change its temperature as much as metal does.

If you take your watch off at night and place it on the side table, the next morning your wooden watch will feel exactly the same on your wrist as the night before, where a metal watch will make you wince from the coldness of its surface.

The same thing will also happen if you leave a metal watch out in the sun or even wear it on a hot day – its surface will absorb the heat and that sometimes can lead to the watch burning your wrist! A wooden watch on the other hand won’t change its temperature, providing a comfortable fit wherever the day takes you!

The natural sensation you will get from a wooden watch, its feel and even smell is truly unique and cannot be compared to any man made, synthetic material. The unique texture and grain patterns of an individual piece of wood tell a different story each time and combined with expert craftsmanship, make wooden watches so comfortable to wear.

How To Take Care Of Your Wood Watch?

How To Take Care Of Your Wood Watch

Are you new to wooden watches and don’t know how to care for them? Or are you thinking about getting a wooden watch, but are unsure how to maintain it the right way? Don’t worry, taking care of your natural wood watch couldn’t be simpler! This quick guide will walk you through the best ways to keep a wooden watch in pristine condition for years to come!

Avoid Getting Water On Your Wooden Watch

Rule number one, water and wood don’t mix well. Because all wooden watches are made from natural and untreated materials, they are not usually waterproof and require a little more care, than a standard watch.

Unless otherwise specified, you should handle them as normal, but definitely don’t intentionally expose them to any damp conditions for long period of time.

Seems like a lot of hassle to keep your wooden watch dry and take good care of it? Not, really! A drop of water here and there won’t destroy it!

Yes, you can wash your hands while wearing your lovely wooden watch. Yes, a little rain won’t hurt it. Nor will an occasional sweaty wrist… You can still enjoy wearing your watch in the summer!

Keeping your wooden watch away from water means that you shouldn’t get in a bath or shower with the watch still on your wrist.
Wood floats, but it won’t help your buoyancy in the swimming pool either, so take your wooden watch off if you are going for a dunk. It’s pretty straightforward and requires only a touch of common sense.

Rub Your Wooden Watch With A Cloth

Give a miss all the standard cleaning products. To maintain the natural look of your watch and take care of it properly, a little drop of olive oil and lemon juice on a paper towel will do the job!

Just rub the towel gently on the wooden surface (face and strap) and then use another clean piece to take off any remaining oil residue. Beeswax, lip balm or even a dab of hand moisturiser will also do!

Giving your wooden watch a little oiling from time to time will provide the best conditioning for the wood it’s made from, while also give it an extra barrier of protection from daily wear and tear.

Treat The Leather With Some TLC

Taking care of your wooden watch doesn’t stop at the wood only!

If your wooden watch has a genuine leather strap, it’s important to wash it every so often to remove any dirt, sweat residue or other environmental particles from the surface of the leather to keep it like new for longer.

To clean the leather strap, firstly detach it from the watch face. You can do it easily by pressing the metal joints that attach it to the dial.

Once you removed the strap from the watch, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the strap clean and get rid of any particles that might scratch it, when you move onto the next step of cleaning it.

Next, use a damp cloth to wipe the strap again. Remember, don’t make it too wet – leather doesn’t like water, so strictly avoid dunking it in liquid! A damp cloth with a little bit of gentle soap will be enough to clean the strap.

After the soaping, take another clean, damp cloth to remove any soap residue from the surface of the leather. Gently rub the leather with a cloth until all the soap is gone and leave the strap to dry completely.

When the leather strap is completely dry, you can apply some leather conditioning product to a fresh cloth and work it in the strap’s surface.

After that, wipe it down with a clean dry cloth and you should see the results of a refreshed and soft leather strap.

Keep Your Wooden Watch From Extreme Temperatures

Protecting your wooden watch is especially important in hot summers and cold winters.

Because the wood reacts to extreme temperatures by expanding in hot and shrinking in cold environments, make sure not to leave your watch behind on the car dashboard in full sun or in the glove box when temperatures plummet to freezing.

Treat your wooden watch and care for it like a child or favourite pet – you wouldn’t leave them behind!

Borderline temperatures can cause cracking of the wood, make it dry out and age before its time, so always store your wooden watch correctly.

Protect Your Watch

We know you will be wearing your wooden watch all the time because you love it so much! But when you do take it off, don’t throw it on the coffee table or in your suitcase, when on holiday! Take care of it properly!

Wood is prone to scratches and chips when rubbing against metal or other harder materials, that’s why it’s good to have a carry case or box to put your watch into… Luckily all if our watches come with one, so you don’t have to go out of your way to find a suitable one!

Whether it’s the standard cardboard box or premium wooden one, your watch will be safe inside it whenever you are not wearing it on your wrist. Make it a part of your routine at night and you will be able to keep your wooden watch scratch free for a long time!

Your Wooden Watch Can Change Colour – And It’s Absolutely Normal!

There’s no question about it – a handmade wooden watch is a true fashion accessory for men and women alike. It stands out in every way, including the way it ages over time.
Don’t worry, if you see your watch changing colour – the wood will soak up your natural oils and adjust to its wearer. The aging of wood is a beautiful process and with a little helping hand from you, it will make your watch more and more unique every day. Just show it a little tender loving care and you will have yourself a watch for a lifetime!

Are Wooden Watches Any Good?

Are Wooden Watches Any Good?

Wooden watches are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and most uniquely handcrafted, making them a fantastic alternative to standard watches for men and women made out of metal. If you never thought about buying a wooden watch or find the idea a little strange, this article will explain why a wristwatch constructed from natural wood should be your next fashion accessory and reliable companion for everyday wear!

What Type Of Wood Is Best?

In making wooden jewellery, including watches, bamboo seems to be a firm favourite, although other soft and hardwoods are also used.

Bamboo has a low carbon footprint on the environment because it grows fast and produces a lot of raw material to work with in short period of time.

The wood is strong and has the ability to bend without cracking. It’s also easy to work with, while at the same time providing a natural feel and beautiful finish to many everyday items, including a watch you can comfortably wear on your wrist.

Why Choose Wood?

We come across wooden products everyday. We build houses out of timber. We buy wooden furniture. We use wooden spoons in the kitchen. We warm ourselves up with a crackling fire in our wood burners… so why not use wood for jewellery and accessories? Here’s why we should
choose wood.

Wooden Watches Are Sustainable

Unlike metal and plastic, wood is a renewable resource which can be produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. It doesn’t require too much energy to turn it into a usable material and therefore it has a smaller impact on the environment, leading to less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Also considering that trees grow all over the globe, mostly without the need of human interference, wood is a readily available material, which doesn’t require complicated chemical reactions and human effort to be created. Compared to metal and plastic production processes, wood is definitely the more environmentally friendly option.

And if you think cutting down trees to make wooden watches isn’t that environmentally friendly, consider how many watches can be created from a single tree trunk… Hundreads! Combined with the constant reforestation efforts and supporting tree planting charities, wood is a material we won’t run out of anytime soon.

Wooden Watches Are Hypoallergenic

Wooden watches are made from all natural pieces of wood and sometimes even are created using reclaimed wood, for example after a hurricane, when there’s a sudden abundance of broken or fallen trees.

Each wooden timepiece is polished and free from synthetic paint or allergens, that so often can be found in plastic or metal wristwatches.

That’s why wooden watches are especially recommended for people, who suffer with skin allergies or are sensitive to synthetic materials. Unlike plastic or metal, natural wood watch won’t cause any allergic reactions to its wearer.

A fully wooden watch (with the face and strap made out of wood) is not only hypoallergenic, but also vegan!

Wood Is Lightweight And Comfortable To Wear

Many people don’t wear wristwatches everyday because they find them to be too heavy and often uncomfortable to have on for a longer period of time.

A metal or plastic watch can sometimes feel like a handcuff on your wrist and even irritate your skin, when you sweat on a hot day.

That’s definitely not the case with a natural wood watch!

A fully wooden watch is extremely lightweight due to the porous nature of the wood it’s made from and super comfortable to wear. Many people forget they are even wearing a watch, when they switch to a fully wooden timepiece, making it the perfect timekeeper for everyday wear!

Wooden Watches Are The Most Unique!

Unlike standard watches, each wooden watch is individually handcrafted, giving it that extra edge when it comes to choosing an unique timepiece.

Because each piece of wood has its own grain pattern, even wood cut from the same tree will have a different look, making each wooden watch a truly one of a kind creation. The beauty of nature is infinite and cannot be duplicated, no matter how hard we try! And if you combine a wooden watch with a personalised engraving we offer, you get yourself a real gem!

So next time you are in the market for a new watch, consider getting a wooden one! The natural beauty and expert craftsmanship won’t disappoint even the most demanding tastes.