Engraving Ideas For Your New Wooden Watch

Engraving Ideas For Your New Wooden Watch

What to get someone who has it all? That’s one of the most problematic questions when it comes to buying gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other special occasions.

Generic presents are being churned out by all the giant High Street retailers all year round, flooding us with many possibilities… Most of them thoughtless and without any meaning. So how to find that unique gift idea and make a particular day extraordinary? Add a personalised engraving!

Personalised Engraving

Here, at Woodtree Watches we are all about uniqueness and putting your stamp on the perfect timepiece. Not only are our watches one of a kind because of the natural materials we use to make them, but you can turn them into an extra special gift with a personalised engraving on the back!

Adding a meaningful message to a wooden watch will make it a fantastic everyday wear item, but also a life-long keepsake you or the recipient can treasure forever.

Engraving Ideas

Personalised engraving is the perfect touch, that makes a lovely present, a truly unique one! Whether it’s for someone else or just for you, why not come up with something meaningful, silly or funny to have on the back of your watch. It will be like a little secret no one else will know about, whenever you are wearing your wooden watch.

To get any watch engraved, pick your favourite design and fill out the engraving section located on each product page.

You can fill any line you want with anything you want! There’s a limit of 5 lines of text and each line has a certain character count – you will be able to tell how many characters you have left when you start typing the engraving message in.

You don’t have to fill all five lines with text, you can choose a short message like “I love you” or add a longer one like “Happy 50th birthday Dad, love from your Children and Wife xx”.

Adding numbers like a special date or simple icons like a heart is also possible, just follow the instructions shown next to the engraving box. As long as you stick to the character limit, the engraving message can be truly your own!

The Engraving Process

Once we recieve your order, the engraving message is double checked by one of our Personalisation Team just to make sure everything is correct.

We know typos can happen to the best of us, so if there’s ever any doubts, a colleague will email you to confirm the message.

When everything is approved, the Design Team gets to work! They always try to make the engraving look as neat as possible, centred and without any mistakes. After that is the engraving time! The magic happens here under a watchful eye of our senior designers, who make sure the finished result is a perfect visualisation of your love and care!

So whether you pick something short and sweet or add a favourite movie quote, the personalised engraving will make the chosen watch a truly thoughtful and heartwarming gift… So what are you waiting for?