Are Wooden Watches Any Good?

Are Wooden Watches Any Good?

Wooden watches are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and most uniquely handcrafted, making them a fantastic alternative to standard watches for men and women made out of metal. If you never thought about buying a wooden watch or find the idea a little strange, this article will explain why a wristwatch constructed from natural wood should be your next fashion accessory and reliable companion for everyday wear!

What Type Of Wood Is Best?

In making wooden jewellery, including watches, bamboo seems to be a firm favourite, although other soft and hardwoods are also used.

Bamboo has a low carbon footprint on the environment because it grows fast and produces a lot of raw material to work with in short period of time.

The wood is strong and has the ability to bend without cracking. It’s also easy to work with, while at the same time providing a natural feel and beautiful finish to many everyday items, including a watch you can comfortably wear on your wrist.

Why Choose Wood?

We come across wooden products everyday. We build houses out of timber. We buy wooden furniture. We use wooden spoons in the kitchen. We warm ourselves up with a crackling fire in our wood burners… so why not use wood for jewellery and accessories? Here’s why we should
choose wood.

Wooden Watches Are Sustainable

Unlike metal and plastic, wood is a renewable resource which can be produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. It doesn’t require too much energy to turn it into a usable material and therefore it has a smaller impact on the environment, leading to less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Also considering that trees grow all over the globe, mostly without the need of human interference, wood is a readily available material, which doesn’t require complicated chemical reactions and human effort to be created. Compared to metal and plastic production processes, wood is definitely the more environmentally friendly option.

And if you think cutting down trees to make wooden watches isn’t that environmentally friendly, consider how many watches can be created from a single tree trunk… Hundreads! Combined with the constant reforestation efforts and supporting tree planting charities, wood is a material we won’t run out of anytime soon.

Wooden Watches Are Hypoallergenic

Wooden watches are made from all natural pieces of wood and sometimes even are created using reclaimed wood, for example after a hurricane, when there’s a sudden abundance of broken or fallen trees.

Each wooden timepiece is polished and free from synthetic paint or allergens, that so often can be found in plastic or metal wristwatches.

That’s why wooden watches are especially recommended for people, who suffer with skin allergies or are sensitive to synthetic materials. Unlike plastic or metal, natural wood watch won’t cause any allergic reactions to its wearer.

A fully wooden watch (with the face and strap made out of wood) is not only hypoallergenic, but also vegan!

Wood Is Lightweight And Comfortable To Wear

Many people don’t wear wristwatches everyday because they find them to be too heavy and often uncomfortable to have on for a longer period of time.

A metal or plastic watch can sometimes feel like a handcuff on your wrist and even irritate your skin, when you sweat on a hot day.

That’s definitely not the case with a natural wood watch!

A fully wooden watch is extremely lightweight due to the porous nature of the wood it’s made from and super comfortable to wear. Many people forget they are even wearing a watch, when they switch to a fully wooden timepiece, making it the perfect timekeeper for everyday wear!

Wooden Watches Are The Most Unique!

Unlike standard watches, each wooden watch is individually handcrafted, giving it that extra edge when it comes to choosing an unique timepiece.

Because each piece of wood has its own grain pattern, even wood cut from the same tree will have a different look, making each wooden watch a truly one of a kind creation. The beauty of nature is infinite and cannot be duplicated, no matter how hard we try! And if you combine a wooden watch with a personalised engraving we offer, you get yourself a real gem!

So next time you are in the market for a new watch, consider getting a wooden one! The natural beauty and expert craftsmanship won’t disappoint even the most demanding tastes.