Are Wooden Watches Comfortable To Wear?

Are Wooden Watches Comfortable0ato Wear

Wearing a wooden watch on your wrist might seem like a strange idea at first, but there’s a huge advantage to wooden watches you probably don’t even realize exists: they are extremely comfortable!

Many people don’t wear standard watches at all because of one of two reasons: they can feel cold against your skin and be quite heavy, making your wrist constantly weighted down.

That’s not the case with wooden watches at all!

Unlike standard metal or plastic watches, a timpiece made out of wood is warm to the touch and lightweight, giving you a comfortable feel and fit for everyday wear.

Wooden Watches Are Lightweight

One of the biggest issues, when wearing a standard watch for longer periods of time is that your wrist can feel quite constricted and heavy to due the excessive weight of metal body and other components of standard watches.

While the actual watch movement is made out of metal, a fully wooden watch boasts a natural body, crafted exclusively from real wood.

Natural materials used in making of wooden watches are porous and therefore allow the watch to be super light and durable at the same time, giving your wrist a comfortable timepiece without the exces weight.

A lot of enthusiasts of wooden watches say, that they don’t even notice the watch on their wrist during the day. Because of its lightweight build and great fit, wooden watches have a very low impact on your wrist and won’t make it ache at the end of the day!

Wood Is Warm

Unlike their ordinary metal cousins, wooden watches are very pleasant to the touch and have a much nicer feel against your skin, even if you wear them all day.

Real wood is a “warm” material, meaning it has that special glow of something, that came from the nature and it doesn’t change its temperature as much as metal does.

If you take your watch off at night and place it on the side table, the next morning your wooden watch will feel exactly the same on your wrist as the night before, where a metal watch will make you wince from the coldness of its surface.

The same thing will also happen if you leave a metal watch out in the sun or even wear it on a hot day – its surface will absorb the heat and that sometimes can lead to the watch burning your wrist! A wooden watch on the other hand won’t change its temperature, providing a comfortable fit wherever the day takes you!

The natural sensation you will get from a wooden watch, its feel and even smell is truly unique and cannot be compared to any man made, synthetic material. The unique texture and grain patterns of an individual piece of wood tell a different story each time and combined with expert craftsmanship, make wooden watches so comfortable to wear.